Finally I made some socks / Raggsokker


Yeah I'm so happy because I finally manage to knit some socks. I've been trying it for a while - made 4 different attempts on a heel when I made my toe up socks (a project I decided to put on the shelf for now) but now I managed!! It's knitted top down in lovely Big Fabel by Drops - I started with a drops recipe but used the heel from Strikkeboka (Rauma) - so quick and easy!! This calls for a repeat! S

å fikk jeg det til endelig. Altså hælfelling. Jeg har forsøkt mange oppskrifter inkludert tå-opp sokker men uten suksess og det har virkelig vært frusterende - men nå fikk jeg det til. Utgangspunktet er Big Fabel garn og en oppskift fra Drops men meget modifisert. Hælfellinga er fra Strikkeboken (Rauma). Det er såre enkelt - du kan se lignende hælfelling her.


Så godt du blev færdig og hvor er de dog blevet flotte!! 

i have been debating for a while to get into knitting. it seems so therapeutic, but also frustrating for someone like me that is not patient. your socks turned out great. you motivate me.

Great! I love them. Congratulations!! You'll have to teach me next :-)

I will teach you - have a step by step guide :)


awesome! i tried for year to make socks, failed, and then realized my health would be better if i just bought them. so i have a newfound appreciation for anyone with the skills and patience to make them. they look awesome. love the blog -i'm new to it and enjoying it thoroughly:)

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